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About TCMC

Established over 15 years ago by founder Donald Bishop, TCMC LLC., is a general contractor providing general contracting, design/build and construction management services in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast.

Whether the client needs industrial scale know-how for a large scale Butler metal buildings or custom built homes, our team has the range and expertise for the job. The majority of work on our projects is completed by our in house staff allowing us to monitor closely the quality and progress of each project.
From initial planning to build to completion, TCMC is known for:
  • Client-centered service
  • Flexibility
  • Innovative problem-solving
  • Exceptional budget- and time-management.

Construction Project Expertise

We provide all aspects of planning building/remodeling with the experience and expertise to handle a wide range of projects:

  • from large warehouses to a series of private property structures
  • from ground-up construction to complicated renovations and expansions
  • from upscale offices to function-first industrial/distribution space

We assemble the right support team to meet the specific demands of each construction project. You get thorough, knowledgeable planning and a team with the construction expertise to adapt and innovate to meet the challenges of your project

Butler Buildings Specialists

The versatility of Butler Buildings is endless. Great for specialized buildings or garage type area.

Mountaineer Inc. Services

Mountaineer Inc. is Concrete Contractor with satisfied clients across WNC and surrounding areas since 1984. We specialize in coatings, water proofing and expansion joints.

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"From Planning and budgeting to completion..Fantastic experience"